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Rate of excavation in hard rock

  • 2021 Excavation Cost (with Price Factors) Thumbtack

    Aug 26, 2020· The average cost for an Excavation Professional is $2200. To hire an Excavation Professional to provide excavation services , you are likely to spend between $1400 and $6000 total. The price of an Excavation Professional can vary depending on your area.

  • Groundwater Inflow to Tunnels - Tunneling Short Course

    Raymer, J., 2005, Groundwater Inflow into Hard Rock Tunnels: a New Look at Inflow Equations, in Proceedings of the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference, Society of Mining Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc., Englewood, Colorado (2


    Dec 21, 2014· Excavation in earthwork for hard soil/ hard rock for a lead distance of 1km for following depths: a) Up to 1.5m. b) 1.5m to 3m Then grand total gives the rate of excavation per 10m 3 of soil excavation. Different mechanical equipment have different capacity per day for excavation work. Their coefficient per m 3 or per 10m 3 should be

  • Typical Contract Language in Specifications of a Public

    For trench excavation, a 235C excavator with a medium stick and a rock ripping bucket, or equivalent equipment, is considered conventional equipment, if it can excavate at a production rate of at least 30 bank cubic yards per hour.

  • Rate Analysis of Excavation in Earthwork -Calculate

    Dec 18, 2014· Excavation in earthwork for hard soil/ hard rock for a lead distance of 1km for following depths: a) Up to 1.5m b) 1.5m to 3m c) 3m to 4.5m In the above examples of excavation

  • Excavation in Rock - Foundation engineering - Eng-Tips

    Nov 30, 2005· Rock excavation is accomplished by a variety of techniques depending on weathering, strength, fracturing, etc. Some rock can be excavated with normal excavating equipment. Hoe rams are like giant jackhammers and are sometimes used. Blasting is another technique. Rock-socketed caissons are relatively common.

  • (PDF) Benchmark drill and blast and mechanical excavation

    Mar 18, 2015· PDF On Jan 1, 2006, P. C. Stewart and others published Benchmark drill and blast and mechanical excavation advance rates for underground hard-rock

  • Procedure for Excavation in Rocks - The Constructor

    Nov 07, 2014· 🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteMany times excavation in rocks are required for foundation of structure. The procedure for excavation in rocks is different than excavation in ordinary soils. It requires skilled manpower and specialized tools and equipments for excavating the rocky ground. Procedure for Excavation in Rocks Excavation in rock requiring drilling and blasting shall []

  • Cost of trench Rock Excavation - Civil/Environmental

    Mar 29, 2005· Our solution was expensive, but may be necessary in your case: pre-drill soldier piles (H-piles) about 5-10 feet deeper than your trench goes into that hard rock, then drop in lagging (either trench plates, or wood) to brace the walls of the excavation. You probably will need an excavator-mounted hoe-ram to break the rock. Good luck!

  • controlled Blasting for civil construction in an urban

    the project leaders, to blast large areas of rock on the surface and underground, which was too hard for mechanical rock breakers to work efficiently. During construction of the Airport Link tunnel portal at Kedron in Brisbane, a remnant pillar of rock (approximately 2250

  • Pricing Sitework & Excavation - KFUPM

    Operation: Excavation by hand Crew composition: 3 laborers; Foreman (on 50%-time basis) Laborer wage: 30 SR/hr Foremans wage: 40 SR/hr Crew previously excavated 40 m3 of similar material in 16 hours Crew rate = (3 x 30 + 0.5 x 40) = 110 SR/hr Productivity = 40/16 = 2.50 m3/hr Unit Cost = 110 / 2.50 = 44 SR/m3

  • 2021 Cost of Excavation - Estimates and Prices Paid

    It can cost $50-$200 per yard depending on local rates, the accessibility of the job site and its geology (soft soil, hard pan, boulders, etc), and whether the dirt excavated is left on site or hauled away. Prices can increase if the digging hits a rock shelf or other underground obstruction.

  • How to Calculate earth work excavation for foundation

    ii) Soft Rock: This shall include rock, boulders, slag, chalk, slate, hard mica schist, laterite etc. which are to be excavated with or without blasting or could be excavated with jcb, poclain with bucket, ripper, chisel, picks, hammer, crow bars, wedges etc. This shall also include excavation in

  • hoe ramming rock excavation price per cubic meter

    rate of excavation in hard rock Caiman Mining. rates for excavation of hard rock Crusher South should be able to provide information on hoe-ram production excavation cost per cubic metre Earthwork/grading engineering Rock excavation Eng-Tips Forums. What would be a ballpark cost figure for Rock excavarion per CY in

  • 4. Drilling and Boring of Rock Drilling and Excavation

    The rate-controlling process in drilling is, and will likely be for the foreseeable future, the rate of rock removal by the drill bit. Increasing the efficiency of the rock removal rate requires a fundamental understanding of how solid rock is fragmented by drill bits and the numerous factors that control this very inhomogeneous and local process.

  • Specifications of excavation and foundation

    Aug 25, 2016· Excavation process EXCAVATION IN ALL KINDS OF SOILS/ORDINARY/HARD ROCK All excavation operations manually or by mechanical means shall include excavation and getting out the excavated materials. In case of excavation for trenches, basements, water tanks etc. getting out shall include throwing the excavated materials at a


    schedule of rates canal and allied works for the year : contents pages reference data 1 -- 2 notes on basic rates 3 -- 3 data for schedule of rates 4 -- 162 government of karnataka water resources department 2003-2004 prepared by schedule of rates committee 0


    013112 Soft rock not requiring blasting in all Conditions cum 227.08 013113 In hard rock requiring blasting with explosives and blasting/drilling equipment Including all incidental work in all conditions. Rate includes cost of all explosive material cum 389.79 013114 In rock and very hard rock with hammer /

  • Excavation Cost Calculator Estimate Excavation Cost

    Excavation Cost Definition. Use our excavation cost calculator to instantly calculator how much an excavation job will cost. Enter the length, width, and depth of the area that needs to be excavated and the cost per yard and our calculator will return the total cost of excavation.

  • Rock Excavation Cost Specialty Grading

    Jul 16, 2020· Land excavators usually measure cost by cubic yards of dirt moved, which can run anywhere from $50 to $200 for every cubic yard. Rock excavation can cost much more than the usual excavation. Depending on the site, rock excavators can charge between $40-100 per cubic yard.

  • Hard Rock Breaking Chemical Rock Breaking Chemical

    The hard rock blasting chemical from We are engaged in providing reliable solutions related to concrete structures demolition, rock excavation and boulders demolition, etc. Our company is instrumental in its business since its commencement in 2015 as a Sole Proprietorship based venture with its unit stationed at Bangalore, Karnataka (India


    Hard rock-cut (solid volume) from excavation. 1.00 cum Corresponding stack volume with 40% voids. 1.67 cum. Quantity of utilisable rock (for rubble, pitching stones Wet excavation: - Extra rate for excavation will be payable only for excavation below sub-soil water level. Trial pits shall be dug in

  • Soil and Rock - Bulk Factors

    Soil or rock from the borrow expands when dropped on the lorry or the landfill - or stockpiled. One cubic from the borrow does not translate to one cubic dump. After excavation of 300 m 3 clay with bulking factor 40% - the clay swells to (300 m 3) ( + 40%) / = 420 m 3 . in the dump. Sponsored Links . Related Topics .

  • Chapter 4 Engineering Classification of Rock Materials

    Table 423 Excavation characteristics of rock 432 Table 424 Construction quality of rock 433 Table 425 Permeability of rock 433 Table 426 Rock mass stability 434 Table 427 Correlation of indicators of rock excavatability 435 Table 4C1 Wulff net, an equal-angle projection 4C2

  • Rate Analysis for Excavation Work in Soil, Soft Murum

    Sep 21, 2020· Excavation up to 1.50m to 3.00m Depth Excavation up to 3.00m to 4.50m Depth Excavation up to 4.50m to 6.00m Depth Those are some types of Excavation rate analysis, where we can again distribute this in the following items.

  • 2021 Cost of Excavation Price to Grade or Level a Yard

    Rock Excavation. Rock excavation, if it involves blasting to create small, movable chunks of rock from shelves or large boulders runs $40 to $100 per cubic yard. Rock presents the largest cost increase for digging if it's larger than an excavator or backhoe can handle. Blasting often requires geological and explosives consulting professionals.


    ITEM: Excavation in all kinds of soil including boulders upto 0.6 m diameter ( 0.113 cum) for canal, seating of embankment, filter drains/ catch water drains etc., including dressing bed and sides to required level and profile, cost of all materials, machinery, labour, placing the excavated soil

  • Excavation unloadinginduced fracturing of hard rock

    observed in several deep hard rock mines.31,35,63 Typically, rock burst can be classified into three types, namely fault slip, pillar, and strain rock burst.29,34 Of these categories, strain rock burst is the most common dynamic hazard encountered in underground engineering, especially near excavation boundaries of hard and intact rockmass. The

  • Production Rate Table

    Production Rate Table. See FDM 19-10-30 for additional guidance. 1. The expected production ranges in the table is the remaining range of production rates after 25% of the highest values and 25% of the lowest values have been removed. The typical production rate is the median. 7/15/2019 Page 1 of 2

  • How Much Does Rock Excavation Cost? HowMuchIsIt

    Aug 09, 2018· How much does rock excavation cost? Depending on the type of rock, the size of the job, placement, contractor rates, the equipment being used, and geographical location, most rock excavation jobs will cost $5 to $35 per cubic yard if a blasting method is used, but this price could be much higher if it were a public bid job. Because all jobs will be so unique, highly consider a free quote

  • How to Perform Rate Analysis for Earth Excavation? [PDF]

    From the table above, the hydraulic excavator takes 0.04125 day to perform an excavation of 10m3. It takes 0.04125 days to perform a 10m 3 excavation. Then in 1 day, it performs : (1 x [ 10/0.04125]) m3 of excavation = 242.24m3/day


    rate by considering the rates of 6 years starting from 2009-10 and taking average of these 6 (six) values arrived. The average rates arrived for excavation in hard rock with Controlled blasting in canal excavation and for dam foundations for various years have been

  • Trench Excavation - methvin

    Aug 01, 2012· Methvin is a leading provider of online applications for the construction industry and our evolution is rooted in our commitment to offer only the most functional, flexible and easy to use cloud-based estimating and tendering solution since 2002.

  • Excavation unloadinginduced fracturing of hard rock

    Typically, rock burst can be classified into three types, namely fault slip, pillar, and strain rock burst. 29, 34 Of these categories, strain rock burst is the most common dynamic hazard encountered in underground engineering, especially near excavation boundaries of hard and intact rockmass.

  • Bulk Excavations Construction Rates Prices Building labour

    D20 BULK EXCAVATION AND FILLING RATES PER M2 M3 M. Get a quoted rate from a contractor listed on [email protected] products and services to buy - press me for up to date prices buy our Live-up-date service where over 18,000 unit rates are up dated daily

  • EXCAVATION MAN HOUR - TheProjectEstimate

    Nov 10, 2019· Below are the list of excavation man hour either using an excavator or manual labor only. Man hours are listed are either per 100 cubic meter or per cubic meter. For othe reference price list, kindly check the item below:

  • Tunnels and underground excavations - Tunneling techniques

    The advance rate has ranged up to 300 to 400 feet per day and has often outpaced other operations in the tunneling system. While experimental moles were used successfully to cut hard rock such as granite and quartzite, such devices were not economical, because cutter life was short, and frequent cutter replacement was costly. This was likely to


    The rate of deaths due to excavation is 112% higher than the rate for general construction. 38% of all excavation incidents are due to cave-ins. Trenches tend to collapse very quickly, leaving no time to react. 37% of all trenching incidents occur at depths of less than 5 feet. Small construction

  • Rate Analysis of Excavation in Earthwork - CivilJungle

    Oct 23, 2019· Rate analysis of excavation in earthwork use of IS Code 1200 part 1, Part 27, IS 4988, IS 12138 (Part IV) and CPWD for calculation is this measurement of the quantity of excavation to be carried out, the cost of labour, machinery, and other equipment like hard soil for breaker, etc.

  • Excavation Technology for Hard Rock - Problems and

    Hard Rock Excavation, Roadhea 1. Introduction Mechanical excavation has proved to be extremely effective in coal measures and evaporitic rocks. Excavation technology for hard rock cutting holds substantial prospects for selective mining, continuity and automation of operations over drill-blast-muck out system that suffers from cyclic

  • Handbook of rock excavation, methods and cost : Gillette

    Dec 31, 2014· Handbook of rock excavation, methods and cost by Gillette, Halbert Powers, b. 1869. Publication date 1916 Topics Excavation, Quarries and quarrying Publisher New York, Clark book company, inc. Collection cdl; americana Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor University of California Libraries Language English. Addeddate